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Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis has become one of the fastest growing segments of the Cardiff Chemicals business model, we remain fully committed to on-time development, production and delivery of fine chemical intermediates and high purity materials.

Custom Synthesis Cardiff Chemicals provides custom synthesis of organic compounds for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and agrochemicals industries, and to universities and research institutions.

We offer starting materials, intermediates, reference compounds, and derivatives of lead compounds. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to several kilograms.

We have unique synthetic capabilities and Pharmaceutical companies have routinely taken advantage of our expertise in order to reduce their product development time for their own drug development program.

    We often tackle synthesis from a few grams to a few hundred grams.
  • Synthesis of non-commercial organic chemicals
  • Preparation of drugs, starting materials, intermediates and reference compounds
  • Can deliver on mg to kg scale.
  • Exclusive, confidential synthesis effectively and efficiently.

Scope of Synthesis - Pricing Schemes
Request for custom synthesis will generally fall into three categories:-

1) New Product Suggestion: You may have a requirement for a Product which is not listed in our product range, we will spend the time to determine whether there is a market for the product. We will offer a Quotation based on the potential for the product.

2) Custom Synthesis & Specialty Chemicals Manufacture: Clients can provide literature methods of your own synthetic routes detailing raw materials, solvents, times of reactions, analytical data, purification methods etc. The more information available and the easier the synthesis the lower the price.

Our Chemists will evaluate the synthesis and determine an estimated cost and delivery time. Cardiff Chemicals cannot always guarantee the product will be provided. We will liase with the clients through every step of the project to give an accurate idea of progress.

3) Research and Development: Synthetic information is limited or unavailable. Cardiff Chemicals can conduct literature research of target compounds and possible synthetic methods.

Quotation Process for Custom Synthesis

If you have a project which you would like to discuss with our scientists, contact us by phone or fax on +44-0-2920 779612, or by email (

Most of our work is offered as a fixed quotation although for clients with a high level of custom synthesis requirement, we can offer fixed term contracts that guarantee a certain level of service enabling clients to benefit from a lower "price per compound" discount.


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