The brand

Big Fish Building Consultancy Limited provides professional services to commercial landlords, banks and the construction industry.  Candidates for the best typeface to convey the professionalism and character of a company like that, were narrowed down to the two below.  Some fine-tuning of Montserrat (left,) to create a mono-spaced look, produced the logotype.


The emblem

The company and client name inspired the logo emblem: the silhouette of a pike.  Early drafts produced this angular design (below), with inspiration coming from the shadows cast by the geometries of high-rise and industrial buildings.


The pike

The winning draft was this rendition of a pike that really means business.  Softening the look was quite a challenge, its mouth and eyes leave no doubt that this predator should be taken seriously.  The resulting emblem depicts an agile creature that hopefully, doesn't scare its audience (too much).



For the business cards and paperwork, we combined colour with the flowing forms that characterise the logo.  We played with contrast within imagery, applied strong colours, and blended forms from the emblem to produce some striking aesthetics.




The website

This site was a joy to design and build, with so much variety among the content and details being presented.  A rich pallette pitched towards blue-green, relfected the aquatic tone set by the company name.  This variety of colour helped categorise and separate content with different roles.


Starting a new business is a bold move at the best of times, and Big Fish Building Consultancy Limited trusted us to deliver a brand & identity that will help them navigate the turbulent world of commercial property consultancy.

Whether you're building a brand, starting a business, or just looking for a logo.  We can help you.

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