More than just a tuition website

During the first 3 years, the site evolved to push the boundaries of what is possible in online tuition.

We engineered software that has never been built before, made it compatible across modern browsers and hardware, then exposed it to the ultimate testing environment: British classrooms.

Easily the most complex design and software project LBM has ever completed, it has also been the most rewarding.

The front-end uses a content system capable of rendering maths notation, able to display symbols and formatting that students would recognise in any text book. BBM staff use the CMS to combine tuition video, written explanation and maths notation seamlessly.

A subscription-based member system allows paid access to premium content. Subscriber and payment controls allow the business to manage private members.  Schools and pupils use the same site, but with added coursework features.

Activity monitoring and assessment records are available to all members and students, with teachers able to browse and download digital mark-books for their classes & pupils.

Interactive self-marking worksheets for pupils – based on a fully bespoke worksheet authoring system – are a cornerstone of the tuition and assessment platform within Big Brain Maths.  Compatible across all modern browsers and touch devices, our online worksheets are marking thousands of answers from pupils every school-day.

Pupil activity and attainment records, allow teachers and pupils to track use of the material and academic performance. The net result is a teaching resource that saves time, improves the quality of maths tuition and ultimately, improves grades.

Precision. Made.

Our end-users - pupils and teachers - engage the site frequently for challenging academic exercises, therefore readability is key. Colour, clarity and a hint of novelty combine; ease-of-use was vital and pages had to pop.


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