What happened?

In February 2014, Café Pure commissioned us to create a website that could provide online ordering.

What we did.

The website design drew inspiration from some fantastic restaurant sites like Nopi, Homa and Pure (London).

A bespoke CMS was produced, to underpin the interactive features for ordering.  The admin and stock system, allows Café Pure to maintain their entire menu and ordering options for customers and visitors.

Meal Plans, food collections and deliveries are paid for via PayPal integrated payment gateway.

What's so special about it?

We're quite proud of the content management allowing Café Pure to maintain everything on their menu.  The clean aesthetic reflects the appeal of the restaurant, focussed on providing good food and healthy eating.  The presentation of the site makes for a neat and efficient ordering process, from selection through to checkout.

Sufficed to say, the clients are pleased :)


An interactive menu was developed, hosted on an iPad at the front counter of the restaurant.  Both the website and iPad menu are served by the same admin system.  Customers can quickly browse the menu and see nutritional information for everything.

Café Pure

Café Pure, portfolio/demo website.

Café Pure
Portfolio example of our original website for the Cardiff restaurant.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 29 December 2020.


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