What is SEO?

SEO often applies to your content and the signals you send to search platforms. Your website may be a feast for the eyes, but appealing to search engines requires relevance and site performance. Relevance means your content should be clear and sharp, while performance means it needs to load quickly on mobile devices.


Decide what to optimise

There are many optimisation tactics & strategies to explore, just set a budget and we can plan optimisation around that. We can drive traffic that helps specific products, optimise categories or keywords, or we can give the whole site a general lift in the rankings.

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Ever asked yourself 'do I need SEO?'

Here are some telltale signs that all is not well.

  • Pages take more than 5 seconds to load on 4G mobile. The web is going more and more mobile. This audience wants service fast.
  • Your web page titles rank poorly. Search for exact page titles to gauge their performance.
  • The content is good, but site traffic is low. Are search engines seeing your content the way you see your content? Look at valid HTML, structured data and accessibility.
  • Your promotions aren't generating (m)any sales. What are your goals, and what strategies are you using to meet them?

Improving your content

We always recommend planning content carefully, considering your audience's perspective and adding detail wherever you can.

Adding content is time-consuming. Combing through category pages, cataloguing keywords is best left to the experts. Just tell us your priorities and goals, and we can provide everything from a simple plan for you to follow or undertake a full-scale overhaul.

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External site promotion

Advertising outside of your domain or website is what we mean by 'external site promotion', typically involving Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising etc.

Google Shopping is a great example and often a perfect opportunity to promote your online store and reach a wider audience. It's now free to list your products and have people find your product pages via search on Google. Their pay-per-click model now applies to 'highlighted' or advertised products within Google Shopping.

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