Early site development

From the beginning, the bicycle retail website posed a challenge, due to the sheer volume and variety of products on offer. The stock system and shopping engine posed a number of new challenges, compared to other retail websites we had developed.

The appeal of cycling extends from everyday public consumers, to professional cyclists with specific requirements for bike hardware and expertise.  This allowed a good deal of creativity to be applied, in the design and overall aesthetic of the site.

Bicycles and bicycle accessories can be intricate contraptions.  To convey the details of cycling hardware, our stock system software needed upgrades.  Originally designed to cater for clothing, it became clear that a bike's product attributes occupied a much broader spectrum.

Accessories like baskets, would be catalogued alongside sophisticed road bikes and bicycle frames.  So began the process of beefing-up the stock system and products database.  This would allow the client to display the full range of product details.

What's so special about it?

The present site is now in its 3rd generation and represents some of the most extensive interface design and product/content management we've ever developed.

It is fully mobile responsive: catering for modern widescreen desktop; small desktop; tablet and mobile phones.  There is no user account functionality but customers are invited to provide feedback on their purchase, via shopping tracking and customer response software.  All built around our retail shopping platform.

This site has given up the chance to flex our creative muscles and the result speaks for itself.

Why we're so pleased with it.

Damian Harris Cycles continues to provide the developers and designers with opportunities to implement a vast range of online retail features and retail strategy.  We believe the site benefits from this in many ways and overall, its a really fun retail platform to maintain and develop.

If you can picture graphic designers and programmers skipping through fields of buttercups, that's us when we think about working on this site.

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