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The Kidz With Toyz website was a chance to take a completely different approach to presentation and design.

Kidz With Toyz website Website design & photography


Kidz With Toyz were together for a year and a half from 2003. Central to the design of their site were the illustrations of the members of the group, K-Dub, Born Rich, DJ Jaffa and USOS. The style of these graphics suggested immediately a direction for the rest of the site.

Since the Kidz' had a very small budget to work with, and little in the way of text/content for the site, the decision was made to use one continuous page that simply showed the material that Kidz With Toyz produced.

This format meant the site would retain some individuality, combined with a comic-strip style, the end result reflects the look & feel that represents Kidz With Toyz' own music.

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