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They are trusted and known as Cardiff's best vehicle installs outfit and one of the top customisations companies in the UK.  Waz and his team are perfectionists whose job is to improve on perfection.


The brochure website

Favouring a brochure-style website, B&B have always wanted their website designed in a way that generates enquiries by demonstrating their expertise. Like a brochure, the website introduces what B&B can do and then provides detailed examples of work. Explaining delicate custom design and complex equipment installs provides the perfect opportunity to show knowledge and capability. These examples of work are a goldmine of information for potential customers.

Regular new content turned into a popular blog, elevating the brochure website further and reassuring owners looking for specialist work. Articles dedicated to recent work are the perfect way to convey the breadth and depth of B&B's experience.


Website performance

Built-in SEO capabilities transmit vital keywords, content and data to search engines. To gain maximum benefit from so much content, we designed the website to convince visitors of Audio Concepts' expertise and send the right signals to search engines. We could tune the site's performance by monitoring search ranking and using data from tools such as Google Console. Page loading times, site speed, mobile usability and technical correctness were tested and improved to make the website as streamlined and fast as the cars it featured.

Our approach to web design allows us to be ultra-specific about aesthetics and technical nuts & bolts. There is an impact on development time, but this delivers the ultimate control over appearance and performance.

A website's scale and the client's needs determine the pace of maintenance. Compared to e-commerce websites, brochure websites require less technical upkeep. Updates are more content-related, and substantial layout updates tend to be requested every 24-months. We always keep clients aware of advances in software & hardware that impact the user experience (UX) and always offer to undertake updates to keep pace with change. For instance, the effect of device display quality and screen sizes.

Designed to convey expertise

Our experience in flyer designfashion and promotional artwork allowed us to create content with impact, which resonated with Waz and B&B's customers.

The bespoke CMS allows B&B to highlight the most eye-catching customer testimonials, adding further credibility to the website. The custom CMS gives Waz and his staff maximum control over the content. As B&B would agree: 'custom is king'.


B&B Audio Concepts

B&B Audio Concepts

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We first began work with Audio Concepts in 2014 to design and maintain the company's website. During that time, we have helped increase traffic, boost conversions and attract customers from the UK and Europe.

Custom brochure websites

The most effective websites succeed and achieve their full potential through strategy and continued optimisation. If you're starting a business, want to elevate your brand and have your message resonate with visitors, we can help.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 20 May 2021.

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