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Having been used by over 130 schools across the UK, the site combines front-ends for learning, management systems for teachers, subscription for private members, and performance assessment for students and teachers.


Colourful and clear design

Colourful and clear design

Readability and clarity was our top priority since pupils and teachers engage the site frequently for challenging academic exercises. Bright and colourful, clear and friendly pages, combined a hint of novelty. Our audience meant ease-of-use was vital, and the web pages had to pop.

This education platform is compatible across all modern browsers and touch devices and has been exposed to the ultimate testing environment: British classrooms.

BBM provides over 600 lessons and study materials for free. However, the most power study-aids are the self-marking worksheets. You can test your maths knowledge and try some of these demo worksheets for free.

Big Brain Maths demo lessons

Setting homework and assessing students

Setting homework and assessing students

Big Brain Maths is a powerful teaching assistant for schools. It saves time, improves the quality of tuition and improves grades.

The second software development phase involved creating a homework assignment system. Teachers can combine worksheets and tutorials, then select the students (or entire class groups) required to complete the work.

Worksheet marks and assessment records allow students & teachers to track progress, and teachers can browse and download digital mark-books for their classes & pupils.

Activity & attainment records track students' use of the material and their academic performance.

Interactive self-marking worksheets

Self-marking worksheets for pupils are a cornerstone of the online tuition platform. The marking system assesses thousands of answers from pupils every school day.

Interactive self-marking worksheets

The worksheet editor

The worksheet editor and front-end viewer, are based on wildly advanced bespoke graphics software. Built from the ground up the editor allows BBM staff to create worksheets and merge them with lessons via the content management.

All kinds of cool custom components combine to realise the worksheet software. A purpose-built document object model, allowing element linkage and parenting in a highly performant cross-platform rendering engine.


Font handling for maths notation

Maths notation comprises a myriad of symbols and special characters, each possessing a specific purpose and meaning. Presenting notation characters accurately meant rethinking how these symbols would combine with standard HTML page text.

The earliest challenge we faced was formatting content that students would recognise in any textbook. A significant technical challenge was rendering the mixed notation & text content rapidly on-screen.

Finally, the content management for maths material and explainer pages needed to allow BBM staff to combine tuition video, written explanation and maths notation seamlessly.

Font handling for maths notation

More than just a tuition website

Big Brain Maths is the brainchild of Robert Bradley, a maths and science teacher with a passion for adventure and adrenaline! Rob's imaginative examples and creative approach to teaching make for refreshing and memorable lessons.

With online learning and at-home tuition playing an increasingly important role, Big Brain Maths is a powerful tool for teaching this core subject.

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Big Brain Maths

Big Brain Maths has grown and evolved, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in online tuition. We are so pleased to be part of such an innovative educational tool. Learn more about highly custom software and design, speak to us and let's make something great together.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 25 January 2021.

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