The perfect design opportunity

We were excited to create the brand and online platforms for CTOP - inventing an identity, developing branding, mascots and advertising. A bespoke content management system was applied to the entire website, designed to enable maximum content control.

The Compare The Oil Price website, caters for the business itself and associated fuel suppliers, helping their customers stay cosy.

The perfect design opportunity

A big software challenge

CTOP's main job is to take orders and enquiries for fuel, and so our first goal was to make the ordering process intuitive. Process design was thorough and meticulous, both for the data capture and the UI & user experience.

The most extensive planning went into the order-capture and business information software. Data capture and customer response management lay at the core of a platform this vast. Next came customer account areas, supplier account systems, and the public front-end.


Software requirements

We wanted the customer account sections and ordering interfaces to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Creating such a colourful interface was key to achieving that.

Presenting and organising mountains of information to visitors, meant appearances mattered. For their brand & identity, we chose an aesthetic that appeared bright, colourful and clear so that large swathes of text could be effectively organised without appearing too dull.

Behind the scenes, business rules collide with thousands of records as the ordering system triggers quotes for customers and send notifications to suppliers. Keeping this data organised and on track, is a brutally efficient information management system.

Software requirements

Bringing the software together

The many moving parts of CTOP work so well together because of the way each system module and software function were carefully pieced together, then tested and layered to create the phenomenally complex result.

Only possible through the constant dialogue and collaboration between the client and development teams, has enjoyed continuous and smooth running since 2016.

Usability and clear communication with the audience has always been important to us, and the inviting and playful aesthetic achieves just that for both customers and suppliers alike.

Bringing the software together

Clever and highly custom

To manage suppliers and customers as separate entities throughout the platform, CTOP comprises an ultra-bespoke information system. Staff handle everything from orders details to supplier regions from here. The software oversees delivery assignment and customer history, supplier onboarding, pricing overview and sales reporting.

Customers access their account area to find an overview of all orders, transactions and balances, management of their contact details and preferences. These customer facilities help stay in touch with their account with the business.

Fuel suppliers to CTOP are furnished with their own supplier admin system. This lets them control their fuel prices, view sales activity and manage their business within the CTOP marketplace.

Like a digital central nervous system, the email software threads the various systems together. Emails for order confirmations, payment notifications and promotional reminders, guarantee the right information reaches the right inbox, right on time. These emails are accompanied by PDF's with links to customer or admin systems depending on the recipient.


Made possible by great leadership

We are hugely grateful to our clients at Compare The Oil Price whose diligent user testing, content writing and eye for detail helped produce a great business website. We now maintain hosting, monitor software operations and ensure the correct running of the platform. During recent years the site has been fine-tuned, and the company recruits new suppliers to support its marketplace and grow its customer base. New promotional elements have been added, including customisable landing pages and automated promotional email to enquiring customers.

Since their initial launch, we have created promotional material for marketing, design consultancy and software. As the business grows and innovates, we are committed and excited to provide intelligent software that makes it possible for Compare The Oil Price to keep their customers warm.


Compare The Oil Price

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 6 April 2021.

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