Early site development

Through every step of their online retail evolution, we've helped to plan and assist with products, content, technical logistics such as hosting and email accounts, and online retail strategy. We approach online retail in a way that minimises the effort required to promote and sell online.

Damian Harris Cycles is an independent, family business with deep roots in Cardiff and Wales. Possessing extensive expertise and experience in mountain biking and bicycle retail, they represent quality and exceptionally high standards. This explains why they are still going strong after more than 60 years in retail.


Early site development

A powerful e-commerce platform

On the surface, brands are presented, and products are sold.  But this bike shop's requirements go far beyond regular online retail. 

Beneath the surface lays a massive software platform for managing products, engaging search engines and driving sales. The business systems and CRM between the retail front-end and shop staff are built to make their lives easier.


Focus on performance

The public-facing retail website combines characteristic aesthetic design and thoroughly optimized technical performance. Everything from layout programming to data querying is fine-tuned and factorised for fast page loading.

Last but not least, a suite of content management systems help to maximise the impact of product & brand content, making it easy to optimise content for organic search and boost marketing signals to search platforms.


Update strategy

Update strategy

We implemented small cumulative updates that made a big difference. Stock system enhancements, product search features, purchasing and payment functionality extended the online retail capabilities. Each feature complimenting the way staff worked.

The pace of updates meant staff could familiarise themselves with the features they requested and understand the new controls as they were completed. Bikes are often complex products with detailed specification and descriptions, so bespoke content management and product systems were designed around the way staff were used to working.

Look & feel is just as important as smooth operation.  Our graphic design for the shop produces polished promotional banners, marketing for social media and custom aesthetics such as buttons and icons for the retail website.

Obsessiveness over site performance also means balancing image compression and picture quality, to maintain a standard of content display that meets the needs and expectations of visitors.

Maximising ROI

Maximising ROI

Data streams such as Google Shopping Feed and inventory monitoring from bike manufacturers keep the site accurate and connected to other sales platforms 24/7.

Our eCommerce software and the retail website controls give products maximum exposure with minimum intervention from staff. Products regularly undergo more extensive promotion via PPC channels or other sales campaigns.  To meet these needs, the shop has powerful integrated content management systems to present promotional material.

Most important of all is Damian Harris Cycles’ online retail strategy and the ongoing support and dialogue we maintain with the store. Whether optimising content for organic search performance or creating new capabilities for product management, Lynton Black Media support DHC throughout the year, around the clock.

This partnership and the Harris family's deep knowledge of the bike trade, the consummate skills of the mechanics and bike specialist staff, has elevated the Cardiff bike shop to one of the most well-known bike retailers in the UK.


Damian Harris Cycles

In 1956, Chris Harris opened his bike shop in Cardiff.  Since then, the family name has become synonymous with cycling expertise.  Today, Chris' son Damian Harris runs the family business and we are proud to be associated with such a reputable cycling retailer.

Visit the website at www.damianharriscycles.co.uk


Maintaining a competitive edge

Damian Harris Cycles benefits from total technical support for everything from in-store IT to online retail operations and SEO.  This full service allows the retailer to focus on what they do best and the results speak for themselves: bucking the trend for retail and thriving during the 2019 and 2020 as high-street retail faced enormous challenges.

We are helping clients like Damian Harris Cycles compete and excel online, by providing design consultancy, eCommerce strategy, and bespoke software.

If you are starting a business, or want to maintain your competitive edge with great design and bespoke software, we can help you.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 25 May 2021.

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