Airport shuttle booking

FlightLink's software design began by distilling air-travel passengers booking transport to & from their flight. The best booking systems present a significant challenge, handling extreme complexity, but projecting a smooth user experience. The user journey is uncomplicated thanks to clutter-free interfaces.

Booking system

As the software took shape, receiving customer requirements and taking bookings became more efficient with powerful data engines behind the scenes. Since development began in 2006, the FLW booking system has grown and evolved to accomplish increasingly more for the business. A selection of travel types, vehicle and journey options allowed customers to book their shuttle to each of the UK's major commercial airports.

FLW were part of our development process at every step. We unravelled complexities within the software, and they clarified business rules and user pathways.


Options for customers

The 'Fare Miles' programme was the site's first customer loyalty feature. By keeping track of their journey distance, customers would accumulate points which served as a discount mechanism in future bookings. The concept is a simple one, which helped persuade customers to return time after time.

The bespoke approach offers clients an almost unlimited choice. Our role as designers & programmers is to steer you through those options so that your solution is technically sound while meeting your customers' needs.

Options for customers

Software assisted growth

The private taxi service is now Cardiff Airport's official shuttle operator for the Cardiff and Vale region, and (if you'll pardon the pun) the sky's the limit. FlightLink Wales have grown their business around a powerful and versatile bespoke software system. That software has been extended gradually and embedded more widely. What began with customer contact details, now includes driver logs, vehicle records and journey tracking.


Take customers with you and prosper

FLW is a superb example of good software combined with business acumen. Taxiing the travelling public, bussing children to school and whisking VIP guests to their hotels, is a serious logistical challenge. By leveraging the power of bespoke software, Flight Link are finding more opportunities.

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Take bookings and reservations

Carefully made, robust booking systems are critical to many businesses that serve the public.  Our bespoke CRM and software services are tried & trusted and can take your business to the next level. If you need to take bookings and reservations, integrate your customer management and online platforms, get in touch.


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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 25 May 2021.

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