Ever wondered how exciting glassware design can get? An invitation to design concepts and prototype giftsets offered us the chance to create some glorious goblets.


The idea: premium glassware

The gift set would come in premium Kraft packaging, matte finish with foil & debossing.  Inside would be 2 gin goblets etched with the Gin & Juice emblem, or glasses with a variety of different drinks selections.

Affordable as a gift, attractive as an object, both useful and ornamental.


Gin goblets

Opulence meets extravagance for the gin goblet design. The bowl pattern is a crosscut diamond, atop pillow-cut 4-point stars. A rippled stem joins the bowl to the foot of the goblet. The result is a luxurious feel and heightened tactile sensation that accompanies enjoying the drink.

In situ, Gin & Juice's signature glassware adds more and more texture to an environment designed to soothe, and remove all stress.


Premium packaging

The next question was how to represent something so polished and ornamental, without revealing exactly what it is on the cover of a box?

Glassware can dazzle using the simplest motifs, and the range of embellishments found behind the bar became the inspiration for our packaging exterior. Minimal colour, ornate pattern and austere typeface struck the balance between formal and opulent.

Bold in gold

Bold in gold

The final draft is a loud homage to the decoration and design behind Gin & Juice glassware, which works better on screen than in production. The final design was parred down, with wording retained, and given a matte black and gold foil detail.

Every last inch of packaging has to persuade you to pick it up, so the emblazoned wording needs a healthy dose of chutzpah, to land on the right nerve and reverberate the right tone.

Like writing 'the world's greatest olives!' outside a restaurant, every last eyeball is challenged to test the claim, come in and buy some.

Glass patterns were dialled back for the final draft, the wording was brought to the fore, and the black & gold colour scheme completed a dramatic look.

Crystal clear concept design


The gift box

Presenting spirits and gin collections, as gifts for all occasions, the finished article suggests that something special waits inside.


Shop Gin

Gin & Juice goblet set, Rum & Fizz Rocks set, luxury glassware and drinks are available to buy online at

We enjoy the detail

These design projects excite us because of how far Gin & Juice go, to stand out. The extra effort, the refinement and novelty to set their brand apart.

If you're developing a brand, prototyping concepts, or bringing new products to market, we can help.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 14 February 2022.

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