The requirement

Resident care requires detailed notes to be kept, that tracks interactions and record carers' observations.  These notes inform the work of care staff and health professionals, legal contacts and even the emergency services.  All of whom support residents' specialist care needs.

The residents of Kingly Care Partnership and Woodrowe House receive round-the-clock care; staff rely on a note recording system that meets their exact requirements and compliments the way they work.

Our Care Notes Record software provides Kingly and Woodrowe with information systems tailored to their specific needs.  This means working routines of personnel are complemented and supported properly; critical information is routinely captured and reviewed by staff; with zero disruption to other responsibilities.

The requirement

The Care Notes Record

This secure information system tracks resident information, staff details and details all staff-resident related activity. A variety of security and privacy measures are employed to keep the data safe and access private.

The notes are archived and searchable, redaction for printing and access restrictions are in place.  A wide range of user privileges and controls allows system users to be given tailored access, specific to their role and job requirements.

Custom information systems

We specialise in special. Whether information systems, e-commerce or back-office and CRM.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 1 March 2020.

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