Establishing their online presence

The website is a platform for them to publish their thoughts and advice about their products, their expertise and their trade.

Together with Yoke Creative who provided the client with video and photography, we built an online platform for the jeweller.  The content organisation is based on their priorities and their audience.

Substantial content management

Our principal goal was to give the client full control over all page content.  We achieved this by developing and updating our content management system, to provide us with greater flexibility.  This meant the CMS could be applied in different ways to different sections of the website, making it more versatile than ever before.

Substantial content management

Jonathan-David Jewellers' Homepage features a rotating banner; an introductory paragraph; sign-posting to 5 different interior section; watch repair services and video thumbnails.  The website's front-end is designed to suit the content that is being presented (it's not from any sort of generic template).  Their bespoke content management system allows them to control all images and text, featured anywhere within their site's design.

Retail, online.

Our client's customers prefer to view jewellery in person, to understand the feel and weight for instance.  Instead of using shopping basket systems on product pages, the website invites visitors to submit enquiries and contact the store to arrange viewings.

Product information is still stored in the site's admin software, as it would be on a typical retail website.  It is still the most sensible approach for capturing and managing the range of product details, imagery and videos.  This configuration where products are presented like any retail website provides JDJ with the best of both worlds without the burdens that come with distance selling very expensive and precious items.

Design consultancy debrief, last updated 29 December 2020.

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