The importance of safeguarding

The instructors and sports coaches within the WKGB train students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. WKGB must safeguard the welfare of all students involved in martial arts. All instructors and coaching staff undertake training and education around safeguarding, and members who give tuition in martial arts must stay up-to-date on safeguarding practices and policies.

Making tuition digital

The e-learning platform we built for WKGB is entirely CMS-driven, including interactive questions & answers that appear within the tuition material.

Our goal was to improve delivery and streamline the administration of the safeguarding course. Taking their system online means staff can study the material independently, and the assessment process is easier to manage.

The completed safeguarding platform delivers online tuition and assessment, with admin controls to manage candidate submissions and award certification.


Independent learning

Independent learning

Conventional user sign-up & log-in allows members from all WKGB associations universal access to the platform. Users sign-up by providing contact details, then nominate a password.

For instructors and coaches, the Safeguarding platform comprises two main sections,

  1. Safeguarding training material & assessment;
  2. user profile area, showing user details and safeguarding course progress.


Training material can become more compelling and user-friendly by exploiting opportunities for interaction. Not that the system should be bursting at the seams, packed with 'clever' widgets. On the contrary, the ideal result for the end-user is maximum clarity, where the material can be understood and negotiated quickly.

For WKGB, a key outcome is providing vital reference & guidance material and tracking the ability of its members. The organization can maintain course material and assessment forever, courtesy of our elegant, custom CMS. Combining interactive question-setting with written tutorial content gives the CMS maximum flexibility.


Questions & answers

Users navigate the safeguarding topics starting at an overview, then going into more detail, with questions for users to answer as they progress.

Questions may require written answers or multiple-choice responses. Responses are auto-saved when a user tabs out of a textbox, and multiple-choice answers save upon each interaction.

Users can revisit and update e-learning responses at any time, and after the final e-learning page, users confirm their submission to complete their assessment.


Awarding certificates

Awarding certificates


Contact details, sign-in settings and responses to all safeguarding questions are accessible within a user profile area. Candidates awarded a pass can view and download their certificate from here.

Online assessment & certification

The assessment & certification process is as streamlined as possible. A bespoke admin system allows WKGB staff to review all candidate responses, then either award or defer certification at the touch of a button, triggering an automatic email notification to the candidate.

The final flourish of the assessment system is found in the user profile area once candidates pass. Acknowledgement of the award comes in the form of a downloadable certificate, the design of which reflects the candidate's name and certification reference. The certificate is available to view and download (at print resolution) from their profile area.

Content management

A private admin and content management system let WKGB administrators oversee the entire safeguarding e-learning platform. Staff can edit and manage training content, including safeguarding questions and online learning material.


A lesson in digital transformation

By combining our content management software and custom business systems, Welsh Karate Governing Body transformed its assessment and accreditation process for safeguarding.

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Design consultancy debrief, last updated 6 March 2022.

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